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"27 Dresses" and a modern bride

Scanning through umpteen wedding magazines for the fashion savvy, one would caught notice of this recent movie that just hit the theater, "27 Dresses". The title "27 Dresses" definitely caught my eye. I was more curious of the 27 dresses being shown in the movie...

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Seeing Stars and Celebrities in Wedding Dresses

Don't we all (at some point in our lives) desire a fairy tale wedding? Where a mysterious, dashing, and charming Rajah or Prince will come and whisk you away to lands faraway? Wouldn't we like to spend our honeymoon in exotic Asia or classical Europe? Ugh. How so anti-feminist you might say. But really, I believe that even the most hardened anti-marital institution proponent . had or have such fantasies.

When I got home that night, I was also reminded of this episode from that successful 90s sitcom, Friends. In a borrowed wedding dress, Monica indulges her wedding dreams up to the point of wearing the dress even while doing the dishes.

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Timeless wedding gown styles

Bottom line, what makes a timeless yet elegant wedding gown? White/ off-white, more luxurious fabrics instead of common ones are a must. It should also be floor length if reinforced by a train and a chapel-length veil. Ankle-length dresses with a veil will look tacky and oddly matched, and may be confused with the bridesmaids' dresses.

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Red Hot Brides

Her Hair Glows Like Magic

In the event of a wedding, everything takes a back seat to the bridal gown. Unless you're Rapunzel, that means your hair is included.

That shouldn't rule out the possibility of you going all out on your wedding day hair-do, however. It's just that certain details of your dress, like the neck and hem lines, need to be considered so everything about you looks well put together, not thrown together. After that, everything else.from the jewelry to the veil, follows.

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Strapless full A-line gown with dramatic pick-up skirt accented with metallic embroidery and Swarvoski crystal detail on the bodice. Available in Ivory/Gold or White/Silver.

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More hot beautiful 2008 wedding gown color trends and styles

In the past year, we saw wedding gowns that went the overly romantic route with vintage accents like bows, lace, generous beading, and tiered ruffles galore like wedding cakes.

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Must see hot wedding dresses

Wedding dresses are getting revolutionized by style trends that result in fresh, yet extremely wearable pieces. The secret, it seems, is a fast-paced lifestyle incorporated into the wedding plans and details.

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Hot tips to look your best to be the hottie bride that you have dreamed about:

-Don't be afraid to experiment with makeup in the months leading up to the wedding. You should aim to have your makeup choices made at least a month before the wedding so that you can be sure you do not have nasty reactions to new products.

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